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Learn A Bit More About Concrete

The Storage of Materials

Even the best quality materials can deteriorate if stored incorrectly. Follow these basic guidelines to make sure that you get the most out of the money you have spent.


Let's first take a look at Safety

  • Avoid eye, mouth and skin contact with cement (and admixtures).

  • Wash skin exposed to wet concrete as soon as possible with plenty of fresh water.

  • Remove and wash any contaminated clothing.

  • Seek medical advice in cases of serious eye contamination, ingestion or excessive inhalation.

For short periods, cement can be stored out of doors on a platform raised above the ground and covered with plastic sheeting to keep it dry.

If you are ordering more than 10 bags of cement at any one time, you will need a storage area or shed that is watertight and as airtight as possible. Provide a damp-proof barrier such as a plastic sheet or wooden platform on the floor, and stack bags away from the walls, not more than 12 high. Use the cement as soon as possible, preferably within two to three months.

For larger projects, there are obvious advantages in having the cement either:

  • Delivered to the site in weather-proof silos by the producer, or

  • Delivered on shrink-wrapped pallets


There is not a lot to look out for with respect to the aggregate. But check the following, perhaps obvious, tips:

  • Lumps in cement indicate that the bag has been exposed to moisture.

  • If these lumps can be broken easily by hand, use the cement but add a little extra cement to each batch of concrete.

  • If the lumps are hard, sieve them out, increase the cement content of the mix by 10-15% and use the concrete only for unimportant work.

  • Before stone and sand is delivered, identify a storage area close enough to access roads to allow tipper trucks in and out, but also as close as possible to where the concrete will be mixed. Clear all grass, rubble, etc from the ground.

  • When the aggregates arrive on site, control tipping to prevent segregation and intermingling. If more than one stone size or different sands are to be used, make sure that they are separated physically and provide clearly legible labels on stakes for each type.

  • It may be necessary, where wind-blown dust or sand could contaminate the material, to provide some form of shelter or protection for the aggregates.

Please navigate in the especially provided table at the top.

Warning: Safety requires a commitment from everyone involved. Although erecting a bolt-together pre-engineered steel building does not require specialized skills like carpentry or masonry and many of our customers do it themselves, construction work is dangerous, and larger buildings bring larger hazards.

Everyone at the site should wear appropriate protective clothing, including:

  • Hard hats

  • Gloves

  • Rubber-soled shoes

  • Eye-protection

On the up side, your erectors will have an outstanding set of clear common-sense drawings and can call on us for support if necessary.

 We seek to deliver consistent perfection and quality in the realm of all our DIY kits.

Try us: you may just experience enormous benefits.

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