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Guaranteed Quality Polycarbonate Sheeting - 99.9% UV Protection








Polycarbonate Sheeting is virtually unbreakable. It offers great design flexibility when curving both along and across the corrugations. Polycarbonate Sheeting can be curved longitudinally where the radius of the curvature is 3000mm or greater. Polycarbonate's unbreakable qualities make the sheet resistant to impact from hail or even hammer blows, yet the sheet can easily be cut using a wide range of cutting tools.


Polycarbonate Sheeting's light weight allows it to be installed at almost any height, and on almost any type of structure. Polycarbonate sheeting is designed for covering verandahs, pergolas, conservatories, gazebos, carports, spa pools, green houses and for use on fences, wind-breaks or as skylights in garages, garden sheds and steel buildings. Available in a variety of tints and colours Polycarbonate Sheeting offers a way to achieve the best combination of heat and light transmission.


Polycarbonate Sheeting is guaranteed not to lose more than 6% of the sheet's light transmission in its first 10 years and no more than 1% for every year thereafter. Polycarbonate Sheeting is also guaranteed not to break from hail (up to 25mm in diameter) for 5 years. It is the protective layer co-extruded into the sheet that allows it to maintain its high light transmission and stops it from yellowing for at least 10 years.

UV Protection

Polycarbonate Sheeting offers maximum protection against harmful UV rays. At the same time as doing so, it allows up to 90% of available light through the sheet; and its resistance to weathering makes it suitable for Africa's varied climatic conditions. The maximum UV protection it gives also makes Polycarbonate Sheeting suitable for greenhouse applications.

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