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ALU… ZINC… stands for aluminium and zinc… fused in almost equal proportions, as a coating for the steel sheet that is coated with a unique silvery spangle composed of: 

  • Aluminium (55%), 

  • Zinc (43,4%) and 

  • Silicon (1,6%) 

The result is: Steel's strength, Zinc's protection, and Aluminium's stability, forming an extraordinary steel product from start to finish. 

It has excellent resistance to corrosion as a result of the two main components of metallic coating: viz. aluminum on the surface of the coating, which acts as a barrier to corrosive agents, and zinc to protect the steel with an effect known as Sacrificial Cathodic Protection.

Sacrificial cathodic protection occurs when a metal is coupled to a more reactive (anodic) metal. This connection is referred to as a galvanic couple. In order to effectively transfer corrosion from the metal structure, the anode material must have a large enough natural voltage difference to produce an electrical current flow. If the zinc coating is scratched or otherwise locally damaged and steel is exposed, the surrounding areas of zinc coating form a galvanic cell with the exposed steel and protect it from corrosion. This is a form of localized cathodic protection - the zinc acts as a sacrificial anode.

The result of all of the above is that AZ185 Galvalume ® (with 25 micron coating on each side) can offer  a 20-year plate guarantee against perforation due to corrosion.

Furthermore, some outdoor exposure tests have shown that the sheet Aluzinc ® shows no sign of rust after 30 years in most environments.

These sheets also present a high resistance to abrasion by its surface hardness and excellent reflective properties of heat and light.


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