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Alucushion / Bubblefoil® FR (Fire retardant grade) White (Code 2906) and Alucushion® FR (Fire retardant grade) Double-sided (Code 1983).

Alucushion / Bubblefoil® FR (Fire retardant grade) is manufactured by a continuous lamination process of low-density polyethylene and aluminium foil with sealed bubbles of air between the two outer laminates. The thousands of individually celled air bubbles created during the manufacturing process form a column of immobilised dry air, effectively countering heat loss through convection and conduction. Add to this the low emissive and high reflectivity of the aluminium foil surface, and it's advantages as a heat transfer barrier become obvious.


Alucushion / Bubblefoil®FR White (Code 2906)

- 0.99 m²k/w

Alucushion / Bubblefoil®FR Double-sided (Code 1983)

- 1.35 m²k/w

The above system thermal resistance values are based on SABS test reports and include air gaps of 25mm.


Alucushion / Bubblefoil®FR (fire retardant grade) has been tested by Firelab and found not to cause fire to spread when used as an over-purlin type roof insulation material. The product contains a highly advanced fire retardant, conforms to the new SANS 428 standard (Fire testing of building insulation materials, components and elements used for roofs) as part of SANS 10400: Part T of the National Building Regulations.


Material Thickness


Roll width

1 250mm

Roll length


Roll cover


Effective coverage


All thermal & fire tests reports available on request.





Alucushion / Bubblefoil® FR (fire retardant grade) is the cost effective solution for most roof insulation applications, and has the following value added benefits:

  • Strong, light and flexible with excellent tear resistance
  • Heat stabilized for durability and effective in a temperature range from -20C° to 80°C.
  • Non-toxic, inert and vermin proof
  • Waterproof - no membrane necessary under roof tiles or sheeting
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish with good light reflectance
  • Acknowledged by the trade as the easiest thermal insulation on the market to install

Properly installed under normal environmental conditions, Alucushion / Bubblefoil® FR will last the lifespan of the roof under which it has been installed. Alucushion FR is tested and evaluated according to SABS 1381 (Materials for Thermal Insulation of Buildings) Part 4: Reflective Foil laminates, rolls, sheets and sections.


















Industrial Application

Fix PVC coated straining wire from the top apex purlin, over intermediate purlins to the bottom eave purlin at 383 mm centers – first straining wire to be fixed 50 mm away from gable end. Evenly tension all wire ensuring that cut ends face downwards.

Lay Alucushion / Bubblefoil® FR over the straining wires ensuring that it is squared off. Fix to apex purlin using double-sided tape. Evenly tension material and fix to eave purlin again using double-side tape.

• All subsequent layers of Alucushion FR to be fixed as above with a 100 mm overlap over the previous sheet.

• Straining wires must be positioned at the center of the overlaps i.e. not more than 50 mm from the sheet edges.

• Lay roof sheeting as soon as possible after the fixing of Alucushion FR.

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