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The ideal of service is the basis of all worthy enterprise. Principles of Rotary. 1905.

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South African Steel & Steel Building Fundamentals

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If you're looking for a reputable builder to erect your structure/s; go take a look at:

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The ideal of service is the basis of all worthy enterprise.

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ervice and integrity together with advanced 21st-

Century technology to give you the best available in pre-engineered steel buildings.

Welcome - and kindly note that you can view this website in any language of your choice. Simply select your preferred language on the immediate right.

The other linked pages all have the translation box on the top of the navigation bar at left - you need only use it if required. Normally the site is translated automatically as you browse .

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If you're contemplating building a steel building or re-modeling and extending an old one anywhere in the world, we can be of considerable help in making it a pleasant experience. 

KINDLY NOTE: We only manufacture structures larger than 12 metres in width and 20 metres in length

KINDLY NOTE: We only manufacture structures larger than 12 metres in width and 20 metres in length

You'll benefit greatly from the fact that we listen and care, and will act to provide the best customer experience possible. We'll welcome any input you may have, because we firmly believe that every interaction is an opportunity for us to improve our service.

Our quality pre-engineered metal buildings are ideal for commercial and industrial applications, barns and equestrian arenas, aviation hangars, warehouses.... the list goes on and on.

We are based in South Africa, but if you're outside of SA we can export the entire steel building to you (see page Our Steel Building DIY Kits). We can virtually guarantee that you'll be pleasantly surprised at our factory-direct prices (which in some cases is also helped by the South African exchange rate). If you want to check out currency conversions you can do so using this Currency Converter.

Site erection under the supervision of our Engineers can also be arranged.

At this point in time the Trust Consortium has exported, and in some cases even erected or supervised the erection, of steel buildings to African countries such as: 

Angola, Botswana, Burkina Faso, DRC, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


And what's more; some of these buildings were for top 100 companies.

Our Consortium has also done projects in other countries such as: Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Caribbean, Chile, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Madagascar, Mauritius, New Zealand, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Spain, Taiwan and the UAE.

You can take a look at some projects undertaken by the Trust Consortium all over the world by going to page Image Gallery. You'll find buildings for various companies, such as breweries, oil companies, cigarette companies etc, as well as aircraft hangars (big and small), bridges, and so on.

Purely as a matter of interest, you can also have a look at some recent export projects undertaken by other (not associated with us) South African companies by clicking on (see also about South African Steel).

Because we are aware that your investment in your steel building is very important to you, we list below just some of the benefits of dealing with us:

Competitive Prices
We strive to bring you the best value for your money. Our production capacity, enhanced with state-of-the-art engineering enables us to offer amongst the most competitive pricing in the industry. Economy is gained not only by savings in steel mass through careful design, but also by the adoption of simple, efficient construction details that can be processed in the workshop at minimum cost. 

But of course, money isn't everything; in the long run durability is always more important. Because not all buildings are created equal, quality will remain long after price is forgotten. After all, what's the sense in building something real cheaply now - only to spend thousands down the line on repair costs.  Click here to have a look at a document we've called "5 Money Saving Suggestions". You can also download it by right clicking and clicking Save Target As.

On a much sadder note take look at some photo's of a not-so-nice event by going to "So You Only Think of The Price". Even although this was as a result of one of our competitors cutting corners to keep the price down (in order to get the job), and we should be rubbing our hands gleefully we find this distressing as it reflects on our industry.

It must be stressed that while our objective is the attainment of a great degree of economy, our cost-saving is not in any way achieved by a reduction in the required level of the quality of a structure.

One should also always remember John Ruskin's very, very famous words:

"There is nothing in this world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey."

Quick Quotations
Quotations are priced upon receipt and submitted back to customers. We endeavour to get prices back to you within 24 hours.

Fast Delivery
Most structural steel buildings can be shipped within 3 - 5 weeks - depending on its size and our workload at the time of your order being placed. We work closely with you to establish your delivery requirements, and will meet the deadlines set come hell or high-water.

Superior Service
Our technical staff is available to address your needs from the moment an order is placed with us until the successful erection of your steel building is complete. Over the years we have solve many unique factory and private and commercial storage problems economically and expediently.

Quality Buildings & Materials
We use only commercial Grade S355JR SABS approved steel for ALL building components.

We recognise that by merely checking the end product it is always, inevitably already too late. Through our attention to detail and the processes we have in place to manage our business we eliminate any potential defects in the buildings we manufacture and erect before they occur.

We work with our customers and supply chain to ensure that the right information and resources are in place at the right time - and the results can be seen in the quality of our end products.

It is this attention to detail that has helped us develop a reputation for delivering high quality, long lasting, trouble free steel buildings to all our customers.

So Why Not Contact Us And Possibly Save Yourself:

  • Countless Hours of Needless Hassle,

  • Endless Worry, and

  • Unexpected Expenses That Inexperienced, Cheap, Backyard or Careless Manufacturers Can So Easily Create With Your Building Project. And that's apart from:

  • POSSIBLY EVEN SAVING YOURSELF SOME MONEY with Our Factory-direct Prices.

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Building becomes a joy as you create the building of your dreams. With our diverse building experience base we are able to deliver top class products, and can help you build your industrial development beautifully, with full "at ease" confidence that it will be done:

  • professionally,

  • exactly as YOU want it done,

  • comfortably within budget, and

  • always on time.

High Quality, Engineer Certified, Trouble Free, Guaranteed Steel Buildings - Delivered On Time, Every Time, Exactly As Promised.

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Trust our years of positive construction experience and craftsman expertise to confidently guide your specific steel building project smoothly to sure success.

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If you would like us to provide you with a quotation (no project is too large or too small) on a product or service please click here.

Or just send us a normal e-mail. The e-mail link is just a little further down.

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